Specialized Reports


It's Going To Be A Great Day!


Special Price: $20 Beginning May 5 until June 15 you can get a 3-month report which will include the best dates for you in two subject areas. Extra topics can be added for $5 each.


Each report contains a list of dates and energy points for each date, which allows you to see the strength of the energy for that day. If you have questions about specific people or events; you can add an intuitive card reading with me for an extra $25. Please e-mail  me at patternsofpotential@gmail.com to select your subjects. 


The Choice of Subjects:

  • Business Success---Use this  time for marketing launches or new projects. Also good for job search.

  • Good Luck and Optimism--We all know that a positive frame of mind opens doors for us.

  • Love and Partnership--Good days for attracting a potential partner for love or business.

  • Healing Energy---Best times for bringing healing energy to your body.

  • High Intuition Days---When you are most open to your inner guidance system.

  • Mental Focus and Acuity---When you have the most mental clarity and ability to focus.

  • Inspiration and Vision---These are times when fresh ideas come through with ease.

  • Vacation and Recreation---We are at our most adventurous.

  • Rest and Downtime---Wouldn't it be great to know when your body and mind needs downtime before you have pain or dis-ease?

  • No Rush Days---These are times for careful planning and paying attention to details.


                 Initial 2- subject report---$20


                Extra Subjects $5 per topic




               Report plus intuitive reading $ 45

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