About Arlene

Like many of us, my earlier beliefs led me to believe I needed to pursue one passion that I was "meant" to do.  My journey began with an interest in Astrology, Tarot, I Ching, Numerology, The Enneagram and then Psychology.  


For the next twenty years, carefully studying and practicing each philosophy, my life took on new dimensions.  Being a lover of learning; sealing this knowledge with a formal degree seemed the natural thing to do. 


I studied Acting, Stand-up Comedy, Journalism, and Counseling skills.  I had fun along the way while experiencing many proud moments of success.  These successes included being asked by a comedy troupe to join their act, having several feature articles published by a local daily newspaper and fulfilling a childhood dream of acting in a stage play.


Even after a Bachelor's degree in Organizational Leadership and a Masters in Spiritual Counseling, my heart would ask, “what do I really wish to be?”


 At long last here is my answer to that question:


Life Long Learner---I read at least 5 books per month as well as articles on a wide variety of topics. I continue to take classes and belong to groups that promote the idea of making personal growth fun.


Entertainer: You simply must meet Madame Cellulita. She is my alter ego and one of the funniest yet wise women I know. Since childhood acting, singing, and theatre games have been a passion for me.


An Inspiration: Writing lets me express my firm belief that we are infinitely supported by a loving and abundant Universe. 


Teacher: Knowledge becomes wisdom when we start to apply it. Teaching others how to find their highest potential and celebrate it comes through in all the personal growth tools I use to engage, motivate, and educate.






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